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Augmented Reality Zoo for big screens

Impress your customers
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The WondAR is a world-class 3D augmented reality system specialized for large screens

Do you want to impress your customers? Engage them with the latest generation of big screen augmented reality on your next event!

It is the only 3D AR Experience, available in 4K U-HD resolution and Dolby Surround sound.

The Hollywood quality, immersive 3D animation, the photorealistic models in unmatched video resolution with Dolby Surround provide unique entertainment for young or grown-up audience, individuals as well as groups of visitors.


When installed, The WondAR increase the number of visitors, generate revenue.
The screenvideo or screenshot can be recorded and sent via email. 

The system works best for street marketing, zoos, visitor centers, museums, digital exhibitions trade shows or shopping malls. It can be installed to indoor as well as outdoor screens.  

WondAR  offers ready-to-go content packages, the Asian Jungle theme and the Dinosaur World experience.

If you looking for a special themed animation which will drive your brand engagement, we can create custom made 3D or 2D content. 
For details, write email to or fill the form below. 

WondAR Big Screen AR

WondAR Big Screen AR

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Content packages

Choose from our ready-made content packages or contact us if you need a custom solution.

What makes WondAR system and contents unique?

The WondAR is a world-class 3D augmented reality system specialized for large screens.
It is the only 3D AR Experience, available in 4K U-HD resolution and Dolby Surround sound. From the first line of code and initial sketches, all the way through the modelling process to the final animation, our contents are on the mark with the technology. Easy to install and operate. 

System features:

  • Full HD or Ultra HD camera feed

  • High performance AR media server

  • 85 inch UHD screen on demand

Avaliable for any screen sizes in

4K UHD quality

Sound  effects play in

Dolby Surround

The 3D animation contents are available for various floor plans and camera setups

WondAR system setup

Contact Us

US and Middle East:
WondAR Technologies Ltd.

Palm Harbor, FL



Budapest, Baross u. 34. II.1, 1085

+36 20 9696637

Asia and Pacific

WondAR Technologies Sdn Bhd:

No. 82B, 2nd Floor, Jalan SS24/2,

Taman Megah, 47301 Petaling Jaya

Tel. No.: +603-7886 7218, +603-7887 2618

Mobile: +60 12-283 3665, +6012-3297303

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